Semen Analysis

Semen analysis can be used to diagnose male factor infertility. This process evaluates the characteristics of semen and sperm. The samples should be collected either via masturbation or special collection condom, according to these components of proper collection:

  • 2-7 days of abstinence
  • If done at home, maintain body temperature and deliver to laboratory within an hour
  • Avoid lubricants
  • If the sample is abnormal, repeat
    • Semen parameters within the same indivisuals are highly variable
    • The purpose of the second SA is not to see the impact of the intervention, but to see the variation within that indivisual

However, there are some limitations:

  • No individual sperm parameter is highly predictive of fertility or diagnostic of infertility
  • Clinicians managing results from a SA should counsel patients that “multiple significant abnormalities in semen parameters increase their relative risk for infertility” (ASRM/AUA 2020)

WHO Criteria


Click the image below to access a video on sperm analysis and sperm count.

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