Male Factor Infertility Part 2: Diagnosis of Infertility in Men

In this module, we review the semen analysis in-depth, sperm DNA fragmentation, and when sperm DNA testing is indicated. There are clinical evaluations used to diagnose male factor infertility, based on several factors:

  • Medical history
    • Lifestyle Factors
  • Physical Exam
  • Semen Analysis
  • Endocrine profile if severe oligo/azoo: Free T, FSH, PRL, E, LH
  • Other testing:
    • Sperm DNA testing
    • Sperm antibodies?

Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility in Men: AUA/ASRM guideline part 1

Retrieved from: ASRM Practice Committee Publishes New Guidelines with AUA and Updates Opinions | ASRM

Below are two videos, the first introducing semen analysis and the second further analysis and explaining the analysis and the makeup of sperm DNA.

Sperm Analysis:

Retrieved from:

Semen Analysis and Sperm DNA Video Lesson:

Multimedia resources providing further clarification on Semen Analysis:

Interpreting the Semen Analysis Article

Sperm Count and Semen Analysis Video

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