We believe that properly orienting new nurses in infertility is imperative.

Losing nurses is expensive.

It has been determined that nurse turnover can cost businesses between $22,000-$64,000 per clinical nurse, but not all costs are financial. When nurses aren’t retained and engaged, the consequences are far-reaching and include: the quality of patient care; productivity; patient errors; contribute to a poor quality work environment and culture, and can generate additional staff turnover.  Interventions that have been shown to support nurse retention include a comprehensive orientation program where nurses are trained to develop skills for specific clinical areas by combining classroom instruction, observational experience, case studies, coaching, and computer-based training.  

There are many benefits of new nurses having a strong knowledge base of REI theory, including increased confidence in their role as patient advocates and educators, a feeling of empowerment, and enhanced engagement and performance and the research underscores this. It is also important for experienced nurses to remain engaged and knowledgeable of evidence-based practice in their current roles to reduce attrition rates and be positioned to be in-house mentors for new nurses.

Instead of weekly sessions, our team can travel to your organization and provide a “boot camp,” where five to eight modules are presented throughout one to two days. This approach works best if some remote/online support sessions are scheduled as a follow-up to reinforce the information presented in the in-person sessions.

To maximize our time on-site, we will work with your organization’s clinical liaison to identify learning needs, knowledge levels, and positions of the people attending to create a customized schedule. For example, some centers have new nurses attend both days, experienced nurses attend half-day or one day, and marketing or other non-clinical staff attend only those sessions that would be helpful to them to facilitate patients’ phone calls or care.

Handouts are emailed in advance to minimize participants’ writing during the learning session(s). Case studies and interactive question-and-answer sessions are scattered liberally throughout the day(s) to engage learners.

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