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Monica Moore

Founder, Fertile Health
Founder, Fertile Health

Welcome to Fertile Health. Our team’s mission is to improve the lives of all women who are attempting pregnancy or thinking about it, particularly those struggling with infertility. We have two different, but necessary, arms: The first is to provide thorough, unique and interactive education and training tools for fertility nurses. The second is to provide health coaching for women prenatally to assure that they are in optimal mental and physical health prior to conception.


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Joshua M Hurwitz, MD 

Partner and Senior Physician at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut (RMA CT)


Monica Moore’s clinical skills and medical acumen are outstanding.  She is insightful in a way that cannot be taught or trained— she is inherently an excellent clinician and medical thinker.  More importantly, Monica supports each and every patient she encounters through the emotional roller-coaster of the infertility experience.  She excels in connecting with her patients due to her compassionate manner, her superior communication skills and her dedication to patient care that drives her practice every day.  It does not hurt, of course, that her sense of humor and style can make even the hardest days for a patient seem a little lighter.


In terms of clinical Nursing Education, Monica is an inspiration to all of her colleagues and trainees.  Both new and experienced nurses flock to her for personal and professional guidance due to her thorough but engaging teaching style.  In terms of both substance and content, there is no one who can educate and train nurses, patients, and yes even physicians, better than Monica Moore.  I am professionally inspired and invigorated by working with Monica and I strive on a daily basis to match her dedication, empathy and excellence in my own Reproductive Medicine practice.

Paul A. Bergh, MD

Partner and Senior Physician at Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey (RMA NJ)

As a partner in a large infertility practice we recognize and greatly value the contribution our nurses make in delivering excellent patient care. A well-educated nursing staff with a deep fund of knowledge is essential to patient satisfaction and engagement.

Unfortunately, there is virtually no comprehensive institutional training of nurses in our field, leaving this task to us. We have thus implemented an in-house Department of Nursing Education tasked with delivering a formal training program for our new nurses as well as a program to maintain competencies for our experienced nurses.

A key component of our nursing education program is the utilization of educational modules developed by Monica Moore. Monica’s many years of experience in ART nursing, has allowed her to develop programs that are relevant, current, professional and engaging. They consistently receive rave reviews from our RNs. The fact that we continue to use Monica’s materials despite having in in-house Department of Nursing Education speaks to the quality and value of her product. I believe that any program, regardless of its size, would find her services extremely helpful and cost effective.

Thank you every much for the slides and thanks for the amazing talk. We keep going back to it and discussing points. It was very helpful. Every fertility RN should attend this talk and learn about these points. Some of us have been struggling with infertility ourselves and we have experienced this relationship between a nurse and patient both ways.
Thank you so much.
Sima Gholamali RN, MHA
Nursing Department Supervisor
Reproductive Science Center
RSC of the SF Bay Area

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