Interview With Dr. Karipcin

Our interview with Dr Karipcin on Mosaicism as featured in the Fertility Nurse Newsletter April edition.

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This is the first edition of a collaborative effort written by Mary Vietze, Nurse Educator at Schraft’s 2.0 and Monica Moore, founder and lead educator of Fertile Health, LLC. We hope to offer and curate valuable content monthly to REI nurses at all levels, such as helpful tips, websites, podcasts and TED talks. We also plan to have regular columns which include: Infertility in the News, Nurse of the Month, Nurse Leader Corner, and Meiosis in a Minute.

In addition to writing blog posts for Fertile Health, Monica contributes regularly to other blogs and provides content for REI centers to utilize for patient education or as marketing materials for referring OB/GYN offices. See some examples here.

  4. Monica Moore recently wrote a guest article for the University of Pennsylvania‘s Nursing program. Check out the article titled ‘Applying to Penn Nursing? Read this first


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