Female Fertility Part 1: Introduction

Infertility- What is it?

  • Generally defined as inability to conceive a child after one year of unportected intercourse
    • Approx. 85% of couples will achieve pregnancy in this timeline
  • Earlier ovulation in women:
    • Over 35 years
    • History of oligo/amenorrhea
    • Known or suspected uterine/tubal disease or stage III-IV endometriosis
    • Known or suspected male subfertility

The following video by Nucleus Media illustrates the condition of endometriosis and its effects on the female pelvis (click on the ‘Watch on YouTube’ link).

The following Nucleus Media video describes the types of uterine fibroids and illustrates the laparoscopy procedure as well as a myomectomy (click on the ‘Watch on YouTube’ link).

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